Pound for Pound Rankings 5/8/2012

By on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012


MMA Hustle Rankings are compiled by a staff voting system. A First place vote is worth 10 points, seconds place 9 and so on.

1. Jon Jones

Anyone with eyes can see Jon Jones is the most dominant fighter in recent history. The question with pound for pound rankings is always whether to reward a fighter on their careeer accomplishments or their present day dominance. Jones has faced a level of competition the past year and a half that Anderson Silva never had to in his entire career. We here at MMA Hustle also will not forget Anderson was minutes away from losing to the People’s Champ, Chael Sonnen. Jones has never looked that mortal.

2. Anderson Silva

In his fights since Chael Sonnen, Anderson has gone untested. Was Sonnen a blip on the radar, or will we see a repeat of their first fight in Silva vs. Sonnen II? Either way, we cannot deny what Silva has done in the UFC, and he is certainly had the greatest career in the history of MMA.

3. Jose Aldo

What Aldo has done at Featherweight is as impressive as what Anderson has done at Middleweight. Aldo has dominated from his feet, but more importantly showed wrestlers are no issue in his fight against Chad Mendes. I’d like to see Frankie drop down to fight Jose since he also benefits from a relatively weak dvision.

4. Junior Dos Santos

Speaking of great takedown defense, Junior Dos Santos is also skilled in that department. Couple that with probably the best technical boxing at Heavyweight and Junior could be champion for a long time. I expect Junior to run through Frank Mir. Too bad Allistair Overeem was caught cheating, that was an interesting style match up.

5. Benson Henderson

After becoming the greatest knock out victim in MMA History, Benson has been unbeatable. Benson ran through all contenders and then edged Frankie Edgar for the UFC Lightweight title. I also would like to credit Benson for being one of the friendliest and most responsive fighters on Twitter (@SMOOTHone155).

6. Frankie Edgar

Frankie had the widest range of votes of the top 10. Some of us had him very high, some had him towards the bottom of the top 10. I personally had him ranked 3 despite his loss to Benson Henderson. I believe Frankie’s size makes him the most unbelievable fighter in MMA. He can hang with everyone at Lightweight and I believe he could also become the Featherweight Champion as well. Frankie has great wrestle, some of the best boxing in all of MMA, and a chin made out of granite.

7. George St-Pierre

George St. Pierre is only this low on the list because of his health issues. George should move up the list with a win over Condit, but he needs to prove his knee can handle punishment, and that he is the same fighter that he was. GSP has the most diverse skill set in MMA, and I believe the layoff will light a new fire under him. I look forward to the Welterweight division upon his return. Hopefully Nick Diaz really isn’t done fighting.

8. Dominick Cruz

Dominick Cruz is dominant in probably the weakest division in the UFC. Until Renan Barao is invited to the big dance. I look forward to that. I am not a fan of Cruz’s style.

9. Nate Diaz

Nate looked absolutely dominant in his wins against Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller. The significance of those victories should not be understated. Nate has quickly made his argument for one of the best fighters in MMA after moving back to Lightweight. The difference between Nate in his past 3 fights to Nate prior to the past 3 fights is a huge contrast.

10. Nick Diaz

“Retired” Welterweight Nick Diaz just makes the list. Nick Suffered a controversial decision loss to Carlos Condit, but his fan base and dominant win over BJ Penn still solidify him as one of the better fighters in MMA. We hope he does not really stay retired. If he never fights GSP it will be a real shame.


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    Ben Henderson “becoming the greatest knock out victim in MMA History”? 
    Are you retarded? He has never been knocked out in his career. This is a horrible article and you have no idea what you are talking about with any of these fighter rankings. You have no idea what pound for pound even means.